Utmaning i Berlin

Andra kapitlet i W G Sebalds Svindel. Känslor känner jag igen mig i. Berättaren vandrar planlöst omkring i Wien inom samma område, som jag plägar göra i Berlin. Pratar som jag inte med någon förutom kypare och servitriser.

Går inte ut alls denna helg utan ligger i soffan och drömmer främst om New York. Berlin åker jag till ”bara” för att fotografera, och att utmana mig själv.


Eric Kim´s tips för nybörjare:

10. Photography workshops are a better “bang-for-the-buck” experience than attending photography schools. I attended a photography workshop by the Magnum photographers Constantine Manos and David Alan Harvey — and had nearly a decade-worth of photography knowledge from both of them in a week. I regret not taking one of their workshops earlier on when I started photography. I would have saved tons of time, money, and effort.

11. Aim to make 1 good photo a month, and 1 great photo a year. Upon studying the work of the master photographers, I discovered that they rarely got good shots. The only difference between us and the master photographers is that they are more selective in terms of which photos to share (and which photos not to share). Upon studying many master and contemporary photographers, most of them only admit to making 1 good photo a month, and 1 great photograph a year. And think about it— if you can make 1 good photo a month, that is 12 good photos in a year. 12 photos is good enough for a nice little coffee shop exhibition, or website gallery.If you make 12 good photos in a year, then in 3–4 years you can easily put together a photography book of 36–48 good images. You can either self-publish your work, or approach a publisher.

12. More megapixels, more problems. This goes back to the G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) point. We think our photos aren’t good enough, and we need better cameras with more megapixels, better sensors, etc. An 8-megapixel photo is good enough for a quite big print (12×18 inches, or even 20×30 inches). And to be honest— 99% of our photos are just going to be shown on our mobile devices and computers. How many megapixels do you need to see an image on a 5–6’’ screen?



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