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Citat från Aftonbladet: ”Avloppsvattnet är fyllt av platspartiklar.” Släpp inte ut dem, håll dem på plast!

Why do we like a picture? Let’s make some room

Eliminate reason nr 1: Because it’s mine

Eliminate reason nr 2: Because it is not only me, it gets loads of “Likes”

Eliminate reason nr 3: Because it has been accepted in the – Eye Haters – or in the – Inspiring Sunsets – Group/Website/Blog run by ‘NoLife’

Eliminate reason nr 4: Because my superego is superior to any other egocentric MF’s opinion …

Do you want the extremist approach?

Go back to the museums and check again Masters’ work. But this time with the criticism of someone that has self-confidence in hers/his visual literacy. Or just guts.


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison
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